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UDI Compliant Laser Marking of Medical Devices

TRUMPF Has a Turnkey Solution    

A turnkey solution from TRUMPF with laser and software module for UDI marking from a single source to create corrosion-resistant marks on highly reflective materials using ultra-short pulsed lasers. 

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Ophir Expands Spheres for Measurement

Ophir Expands Series of Precisely Calibrated Integrating Spheres for Measuring Divergent and Collimated Beams    

Ophir announces new additions to the Sphere series of products. Find out what the capabilities are.    

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TRUMPF Wins Daimler Supplier Awards

TRUMPF Wins Daimler Supplier Award for Industry 4.0 and Laser Technology Award    

TRUMPF won these awards for the second time -- a distinction for the joint development of a laser welding procedure and Industry 4.0 solutions. Read about the exciting details.

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Winters Blast Precitec Presentation

Precitec: Products For Laser Material Processing And Optical Measuring    

Brian Smith, Sales, and Service Engineer, gave an informative presentation about Precitec's products including: processing heads for laser cutting, joining technology, and quality monitoring systems; and sensors for non-contact topography, layer thickness measurement, and eye tracking systems. Two demonstrations were also provided. Find out what they were.    

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Winters Blast Keynote: Shiloh Industries

The Future of Light-Weighting Technology   

Jim Evangelista, Director, Core Advanced Engineering & Lab Services for Shiloh Industries, Inc., gave a thought provoking presentation as our Key Note Speaker at the January Mi-Light Members meeting. Find out what he had to say by viewing the PDF.   

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Winters Blast Rigaku Presentation

Multi-layer Coating Technology    

Nick Grupido gave an enlightening presentation about Rigaku's multi-layer coating capabilities for X-ray optics at the January Mi-Light Members meeting. See what kinds of capabilities they offer by viewing the PDF.     

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Emerging Technologies: TRUMPF Showcases Lasers

Emerging Technologies: TRUMPF Showcases Lasers For Research And 3D Printing   

Laser amplifiers offer new approach to attosecond physics - picosecond lasers can machine highly reflective materials - compact, all-around 3D printers for metal parts - TRUMPF nominated for Prism Award.    

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Ophir Intros High Accuracy M2 Beam Propagation System

Ophir Intros High Accuracy M2Beam Propagation System for Continuous Applications  

The new M2 laser beam propagation system measures the quality of the beam to optimize performance. BeamSquared is a compact, portable device that provides automated measurements of the propagation characteristics of CW and pulsed lasers in under one minute.   

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