Membership Benefits

Uniting to provide a cohesive voice

Mi-Light promotes the photonics industry to our legislative leaders, conveying the message that photonics enhances our national defense, enables lifesaving medical and surgical treatments, resolves complicated manufacturing issues while creating jobs, growing our economy and increasing our global competitiveness.

Mi-Light works to unite Michigan’s photonics industry and raise the awareness of the importance of our industry and recommend programs that encourage greater collaboration between industry, academia and government. Together our voice is much stronger, much louder and we will deliver a cohesive message about funding priorities and regulatory issues to government.

  • Along with the National Photonics initiative, work to gain national recognition for Photonics companies in Michigan
  • Participate in the efforts to develop our industry within Michigan
  • Provide a collective voice representing member companies to our legislature, economic development corporations and academia
  • Provide strategic guidance to government leaders and other public sector bodies, educating them on industry priorities and allocation of funds
  • Access to grant programs and other funding opportunities

Our Mission Statement

Mi-Light serves as the focal point for the photonics industry in Michigan, bringing together professionals from companies, academia and organizations, dedicated to mutually supporting, promoting and growing Michigan's photonics industry.  Mi-Light’s mission is to promote and grow our internationally-recognized talent pool and leverage our strong industrial and academic capabilities in order to expand the photonics industry, attract funding and stimulate innovation in Michigan. Learn more.