Membership Benefits

Working to connect you with talent and training

Michigan’s photonics industry will benefit from highly trained engineers, technicians and leaders. Rather than importing our skilled labor from outside of Michigan, Mi-Light promotes the use of internal training to grow the talent pool. Hands-on experience on equipment, processes and testing of products is more effective than only technical “book knowledge” that some possess.

Mi-light leverages our combined needs to drive training requirements at all levels of the education system. By working with the State of Michigan and our high schools, community colleges and universities, we have established a variety of different education levels: intern, apprentice, technician, process engineering and a design and development level.

The educational model is based on a multi-step approach:

  • Working with the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) to establish an apprentice-based educational system for high school students
  • Working with the community college to design a curriculum focused on technician level competencies
  • Working with universities to develop an intern work force established for the photonics industry
  • Establishing a process to move those interns into the development process

Mi-Light connects you with:

  • Sources to develop training programs for your photonics manufacturing processes
  • Resources for highly-trained technicians
  • Sources for interns
  • Opportunities to direct the curriculum development at state universities and colleges
  • Facilitated access to Michigan’s best and brightest students
  • The ability to recruit nationwide
  • Member job postings where qualified candidates can match their skills to leading photonics employers

Our Mission Statement

Mi-Light serves as the focal point for the photonics industry in Michigan, bringing together professionals from companies, academia and organizations, dedicated to mutually supporting, promoting and growing Michigan's photonics industry.  Mi-Light’s mission is to promote and grow our internationally-recognized talent pool and leverage our strong industrial and academic capabilities in order to expand the photonics industry, attract funding and stimulate innovation in Michigan. Learn more.