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Contour Metrological & Manufacturing

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  • Company: Contour Metrological & Manufacturing
  • Categories: Members, Core Member
  • Address: 488 Oliver Drive, Troy MI 48084-5426
  • Sales Name: Janet Soller
  • Sales Email: jsoller@cmmoptic.com
  • Sales Phone#: (248) 273-1111

About Contour Metrological & Manufacturing

Contour Metrological & Manufacturing is a world class manufacturer of diamond turned precision plastic & metal optics and optic assemblies specializing in Military, Aerospace & Medical applications. We also manufacture custom optic molds, fixtures and gauges. CMM has an extensive selection of Optical & Mechanical inspection equipment to certify our manufactured parts as well as a service for our customer’s needs.


Our Mission Statement

Mi-Light serves as the focal point for the photonics industry in Michigan, bringing together professionals from companies, academia and organizations, dedicated to mutually supporting, promoting and growing Michigan's photonics industry.  Mi-Light’s mission is to promote and grow our internationally-recognized talent pool and leverage our strong industrial and academic capabilities in order to expand the photonics industry, attract funding and stimulate innovation in Michigan. Learn more.