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Job Title: Mechanical Engineer

  • Job ID #: 11
  • Company: Rigaku Innovative Technologies, Inc.
  • Category: Full Time Employment
  • City: Auburn Hills
  • Location: Michigan
  • Yearly Salary: Not Specified
  • Job Description: Provide leadership and problem solving capabilities to the engineering group in technical areas; provide vision and design philosophy in the mechanical designs for product development and technology development; manage the engineering activities and the supporting activities needed by all developments of the organization. Major Responsibilities: • Mechanical engineering and design in product development. Typical mechanical engineering issues include mounting of optical components, stress control, material fatigue, precision alignment and motion control. • Provide technical leadership to the design/engineering effort of the engineering department; including vision of product designs compatible with the nature of the products and customer value characteristics in the x-ray instrument market, vision for the product look and feel, and vision of overall cost/performance optimization of product lines. • Be part of the responsible group for determining RIT’s future needs in terms of capabilities, knowledge and tool acquisitions. • Establish and manage disciplined engineering design procedures and culture. • Lead and manage the effort to comply with the disciplined engineering design processes. • Manage and lead engineering designs/developments in the areas of new product developments and new technology developments, manage the activity needed to support operations and sales/marketing. • Working with others in the R&D department, lead and manage the total engineering effort, including conceptualization, optimization, quantitative analysis, detailed design, and quality of manufacturing. Qualifications: • Fluent in mechanical engineering and design, both problem solving solutions and CAD modeling. • Familiar with the concept of “patterned design” – i.e. recognize/translate design tasks into a series of known mechanical problems and conceptualize the design with corresponding known solutions. • Quantitative analysis capabilities, especially in load, deformation, material choices, error stack-up analysis and tolerance budget. FEA and thermal analysis are strong pluses… • Familiar with engineering design flow tailored to small enterprises and small volume products such as instruments. • Ability to adapt the requirements specific to a design into requirements specific to a market. In this case, it is x-ray instrument market, the x-rays optics, x-ray instruments. • Experience in the management of people and tasks, proven ability to successfully lead an engineering team to achieve the company’s goals • Mechanical Engineering degrees, either bachelor degree or master degree. • Good knowledge in physics and mathematics. • Strong communication skills.

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  • Contact Phone: 248-232-6440

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